Community Health Interventions | Letter from the Chairman of the Board
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Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Dr. James J. Pilgrim, Jr., DDS

Each year is new and exciting. It brings new challenges and opportunities. It was not long ago that many individuals were unaware of their Sickle Cell, HIV/STD and Diabetes status. Today, much in thanks to the education, outreach, and prevention efforts of Community Health Interventions and Sickle Cell Agency, Inc. (CHISCA), that is no longer the case. We are proud that each day, our community is better informed about Sickle Cell Disease, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS than they were yesterday.


It is easy to acknowledge the progress we have made over the last 43 years however, we are mindful that, until a cure is found, more work lies ahead. In the spirit of hope and teamwork, we look forward to meeting future challenges as a united community. In order to bring about change for all, we must be willing to support each other. The combined goal of CHISCA is to enhance the quality of health and wellness in our communities through a wide range of free services.


The Board, staff, and clients would like to acknowledge the volunteers and financial support of the many individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations that have continuously enabled us to provide free quality services. We could not have been as successful without your generous support; therefore, we are sincerely grateful. We are looking forward to meeting future challenges head on.