Community Health Interventions | Letter from the Chairman of the Board
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Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Mrs. Charnell Green

We, the Board of Directors and Staff, at Community Health Interventions and Sickle Cell Agency (CHISCA) and South Central Community Health Center (SCCHC), are constantly embarking on challenging endeavors, and opportunities that bring a healthy lifestyle to our communities. For over 44 years, CHISCA has continuously made individuals aware of their Sickle Cell, HIV/AIDS/STD and Diabetes status through education, outreach, and prevention efforts. Therefore, because of these efforts our communities are better informed about these illnesses.


CHISCA has progressed and expanded its services, not only in Cumberland County, but throughout North Carolina. It has opened a new medical center, South Central Community Health Center, in Raeford (Hoke County), NC. This center provides medical care for the local community as well as surrounding communities. These services are available for any and all citizens who need medical care; no one will be turned away. It is our goal at CHISCA and SCCHC to broaden the quality of healthcare services and wellness to our clientele as well as our communities. South Central Community Health Center is a new and challenging endeavor for CHISCA, but we are ready, willing, and able to handle the task.


All of us at CHSICA and SCCHC would like to thank the dedicated volunteers for their time, effort, and consideration. We are forever grateful for of the financial support of the many individuals, businesses, churches, organizations, and agencies that have continuously supported us from the inception up to now. Their support has made it possible for us to offer free quality services to all of our clientele. We will not be where we are today without their generous and selfless support. We are truly humbled and sincerely grateful for the kindness and support throughout the years. We will strive to accomplish new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Charnell Green