Community Health Interventions | Testing and Substance Abuse
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Testing and Substance Abuse

Community Health Interventions and Sickle Cell Agency, Inc. (CHISCA) was awarded a contract to provide HIV and syphilis Counseling, Testing and Referral Services (CTR) in Substance abuse treatment facilities in Cumberland County, by the NC DHHS’s Communicable Disease Branch.


CHISCA partners with three substance abuse treatment facilities which include:

  • Roxie Avenue Treatment Center (operated by Cumberland County Mental Health Agency)
  • Metro Treatment on NC LP Fayetteville Treatment Center
  • New Directions, Inc.

CTR is conducted in each facility at least once a week. Participants are screened for HIV and Syphilis through blood draws. All reactive cases are post test counseled and linked to care or proper treatment.


CHISCA is proud to say that participants are referred to a variety of local social service providers to assist in meeting unmet needs of the participant.


For more information about this project contact:

Jennifer Byrd, CTR Counselor/ Phlebotomist at (910) 488-6118.