Community Health Interventions | About Us
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About Us

Helping our community deal with the health issues of today

Who we are


Community Health Interventions and Sickle Cell Agency, Inc., (CHISCA, Inc) is an nonprofit 501©3 “Umbrella” organization with a focus on the care, prevention and education of individuals and families affected by Sickle cell disease, HIV/STD’s, Diabetes and other health disparities.


Community Health Interventions and Sickle Cell Agency, Inc., is dedicated to addressing various health related challenges that significantly affect our community’s health and wellness.  In conjunction with our health and human service initiatives, CHI will provide education, prevention, and implement & support documented best practices for interventions, services, and treatment in our efforts to eliminate health disparities.


CHISCA continuously pursues “collaborative partnerships” to address problems associated with health disparities by bringing together representatives from various segments of the population to assist in implementing culturally appropriate solutions.


The organization’s focus is to:


  1. decrease the number of individuals affected by health disparities
  2. increase knowledge of symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health disparities
  3. provide community outreach and educational opportunities to targeted populations in order to reach goals and
  4. promote collaboration, training, and consensus building among agencies to implement and develop documented best practices and ensure measurable results for data collection.