Community Health Interventions | Pre and Post Testing
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Pre and Post Testing

Clients who wish to be tested are given the opportunity to confidentially assess their HIV risks, understand why they believe they need to be tested, test is explained, and voluntary informed consent is obtained. Based on the client’s answers, they are provided HIV facts, related HIV literature, suggestions on reducing risky behaviors, and assistance in developing a plan to reduce risky behavior and identify resources to assist in reducing risks.


Since the agency uses Rapid test, the client will receive their results at the end of the pre-test counseling session. This test does not use blood or needles. It test the body fluid for the presence of HIV antibodies and may require a confirmatory test.


Post-test counseling includes providing the client with their test results. If the client tests negative, the relevant points from the pre-test counseling are restated, they will be provided with suggestions on how to remain negative, and the plan to reduce risky behavior is reviewed. The clients are also urged to implement the plan and return in 3 months for a follow-up test. If the client’s results are positive, they will be counseled on safer sex practices, condom use to prevent passing HIV to someone else, and referrals will be made. The client may be referred to the health department for a confirmatory test, provided relevant HIV literature, and linked to an HIV case management organization for care.


Again, all testing with this agency is strictly confidential.