Community Health Interventions | SICKLE CELL TESTING
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Have You Been Tested? If not, let us help you.

We provide free sickle cell screenings for everyone interested in knowing their hemoglobin status; to identify persons of childbearing age who have sickle cell trait and to provide them with an opportunity to obtain detailed and accurate information which will enable them to make informed decisions that they believe are in their best interest regarding family planning.


Routine physical examinations seldom include sickle cell testing, so the vast majority of African Americans, age twelve to forty-four, have never had a test. Since sickle cell trait is not the disease and does not affect personal health, a simple, painless blood test is the only way people can find out whether or not they are carriers of a trait and have the potential for having children with sickle cell disease.


If African American couples do not know that they have sickle cell trait they can have children with sickle cell disease without having an opportunity to make decisions about this possibility or to be prepared to take care of a child with a chronic illness.