Community Health Interventions | The Care Card
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The Care Card

The Care Card™

The Care Card

CHI SCA is proud to announce the The CareCard new identification card for people who live with Sickle Cell Trait or Sickle Cell Disease. The Purpose of the CareCard™ is to assist sickle cell patients in identifying themselves to medical providers with some credibility, and that they are part of an organizational/medical home that can corroborate their status when medical attention is needed. Sickle Cell trait clients can benefit as well as from the CareCard™. Parents of younger children can use the card to educate their child about their trait status or adults with the trait can use it as a reminder about their status.


The card has very important medical information on it as well as a picture of the client. Emergency room personnel as well as Primary Care Physicians can use the medical information on the card to assist them in providing the best possible care to the patient.


We are very excited about the new CareCard™ system, and with outreach efforts of our staff as well as the community everyone that is affected by Sickle Cell disease or have Sickle Cell Trait will have a way of identifying themselves to the medical world. If you would like any additional information about the CareCard™, please give us a call or visit our agency. The CareCard™ project is funded by Novartis and the Health Resources and Administration.


If Interested in a CareCard™ contact CHISCA at (910) 488-6118